Newborn Baby Feeding Spoon

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Squeezy™ is a mess-free and easy way to feed your baby semi-solid foods using just one hand. It’s a design by parents for parents, especially if you’re always multitasking while looking after your child.

Imagine being at a cafe enjoying your turkey sandwich, when your little one suddenly screams for food. Or being trapped in a crowded area at the airport and you can’t get to a chair to feed her.

Just take Squeezy™ out from your bag, remove the cover, and you’ll be able to feed her with one hand and carry her with the other. Simple!

Or you could just be at home and tired out after all the housework. Feed your baby using Squeezy™ and you’ll never have to worry about food-mess!

Squeezy™ Spoon Feeder Features:

  • Clear bottle (3oz / 90ml) lets you see exactly how much food is left inside.
  • Bottle is big enough to fit one jar of baby food, and the spoon is specially designed to fit one baby mouthful. No guessing needed!
  • Comes with a protective cover that prevents food from leaking - ideal for travel
  • Fill it with semi solids - puree, baby food or cereals. You can even feed milk or formula using Squeezy™ if needed.
  • BPA Free material makes it 100% safe for infants and the spoon is made from soft silicone, which is gentle on their gums.
  • Only one hand is needed for feeding - Great for multitasking or feeding your baby on your lap!
  • Easy to wash - wash it like a milk bottle and sterilize it as usual!

No other feeder can match the usability and convenience of Squeezy™. A simple idea but it cuts the to-and-fro of a spoon and bowl. Pre-fill the bottle before feeding time and you’ll have easy access to it the moment you need to.


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  • Features:
    Material:  PP
    Size  :bottle height: 20cm / 7.87 ", bottle width: 5cm / 1.97",

  •           spoon length: 3cm / 1.18,"   spoon width: 2cm / 0.79 "
    Applicable age range: 4 months or more
    Color: Blue,Pink,White,Green,Yellow
    100% Brand New & High Quality.
    Designed for Mom to feed your baby

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